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Invitation Message from the President of the Asian College of Schizophrenia Research

Dear Colleagues,

     We all enjoyed our intellectual exchange and shared our experiences of the schizophrenia research in the previous 4th Asian Congress of Schizophrenia Research (ACSR), held in Taipei, Taiwan.  As time goes so fast, we are planning to have our next, i.e. the 5th ACSR in Bangkok, Friday 1 – Sunday 3, September 2017, in Bangkok, Thailand under the leadership of Professor Pichet Udomratn.

     We already have a splendid inauguration of the Asian College of Schizophrenia Research (ACSR) on 18 November, 2015 and we started to recruit the members of the ACSR . I, as the current president of the ACSR, would like to encourage all members of the ACSR to come to this 5th ACSR to input your new findings of schizophrenia research to make the success of the coming 5th Congress of our ACSR.

     Most importantly, I would like to extend my message to all people, both the psychiatrists and non-psychiatrist professionals who are interested in the fields of treatment and research of schizophrenia to come to this 5th ACSR. I am sure that the 5th ACSR will show all participants the most updated thought and empirically data of schizophrenia in the aspects of psychopathology, treatment and social rehabilitation, emphasizing the research approach in the Asian culture.

     It is really my great honor to write the message to invite all of you to come to this 5th Asian Congress of Schizophrenia Research. I am looking forward to seeing you all in Bangkok in 2017.

Prof. Hai-Gwo Hwu,MD

President,Asian College of Schizophrenia Research
Professor Emeritus
Department of Psychiatry, College of Medicine and
Graduate Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, College of Public Health
National Taiwan University
Taipei, Taiwan

Invitation Message from the President of World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation

Dear colleagues
It is indeed a big honour for me to address you distinguished colleagues in Thailand, and specially of WAPR Thailand and the Asian College of Schizophrenia Research, to call for the conference on "Future Care of Schizophrenia and Other Psychoses in Asia", under the leadership of Prof. Pichet Udomratn, and the presence of relevant specialist from the Asian College of Schizophrenia Research and the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation.

In the last 30 years, Psychosocial Rehabilitation is gaining relevance in the International scene as a multidisciplinary and multi level approach to the understanding and care of the people under mental illnesses. While we are gaining knowledge about how people recover from this problem in real life and in real environments, and how to effectively support the recovery process, many of the exciting scientific challenges remain open, regarding the complex nature of the problem, and the way different factors biological, biographical, social and individual contribute to its onset and evolution. It is the first time that WAPR, and NGO established in 1996, has presence at this level in Bangkok, Thailand, and it is really exciting to note how professionals in all regions and across cultures and languages, are gathering in a global common effort to raise awareness of the importance of this problems and its impact to the wellbeing of our communities, and on how to better provide care to the affected people and their carers and supportive networks.

I'm sure this meeting will be a very good opportunity for all professionals involved in the care of clinicians from psychiatry, psychology, and nursing fields, academics, researchers, social workers- and also for carers, representatives of users movements, social agents and policymakers, to join, share and elaborate on the current state of the art and future directions of care research and planning.

Ricardo Guinea. MD.
President WAPR.

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Welcome Message from the Chairman of the Congress

Dear Colleagues and Guests,
Sawasdee Krab!

WAPR (World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation) gathers mental health professionals, people afflicted with mental disorders and their families from all over the world with an aim to create the exchange of useful knowledge regarding psychosocial rehabilitation and recovery, which will certainly help those patients achieve their optimum functioning and overall well-being.

Likewise, ACSR (Asian College of Schizophrenia Research) also brings together researchers and clinicians specifically in Asian region. The ACSR organizes the Asian Congress of Schizophrenia Research every two years as a platform for exchanging and updating knowledge and scientific studies on schizophrenia and also educating the public about this disease.

Since these days, in the world of psychiatry the knowledge of psychosocial rehabilitation and schizophrenia is progressively advancing, WAPR (World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation) Thai Chapter in collaboration with Thai Society for Geriatric Psychiatry and Neuropsychiatry (TSGN) and Department of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University will co-host the 5thAsian Congress of Schizophrenia Research (ACSR) in conjunction with the 2017 Asia Pacific Meeting of WAPR during 1-3 September 2017 at Asia Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand.

On behalf of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) we would like to cordially welcome you to the WAPR - ACSR2017. This will be a significant meeting bringing together outstanding professionals in the field of psychosocial rehabilitation, schizophrenia, and other psychoses

The program is designed to cater to a wide variety of interests of participants by providing many subtopics of psychosocial rehabilitation, schizophrenia, , and other psychoses. We hope that this meeting will stimulate great interest in research as well as in the clinical practice for management of these illnesses. Moreover, the LOC will provide six awards for junior investigators for the best oral and poster presentations. Please take this opportunity to enhance the existing friendships or to establish new relationships among professionals and colleagues.

ACSR and WAPR have decided to choose Bangkok as the venue for the congress in the year 2017 as in Bangkok and Thailand in general there is a very old and rich cultural heritage, yet it is a dynamic and thriving country in which historical elements are freely mixed with modern developments. Therefore, aside from scientific sessions we hope that self-arranged tours will give all participants pleasurable and memorable experiences of the congress.

So, please come and share your experiences with both senior and junior psychiatrists and other mental health colleagues who are interested in this area from both inside and outside Asia.
We look forward to seeing you in Bangkok in September 2017.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Pichet Udomratn , MD
Chairman of the 5th Asian Congress of Schizophrenia Research
President Elect, the Asian College of Schizophrenia Research
Regional Vice President, the World Association for Psychosocial Rehabilitation